Better followers of Jesus.

It is the job of every follower of Jesus to grow in their faith and understanding of Who God is and what he tells us about himself in His Word. At OCC we want to help you find your next steps to becoming a more committed follower of Jesus; someone who is growing and flourishing in their walk and relationship with Jesus. 

To do this we we offer classes and resources to help you become a self feeding follower of Jesus. No matter where you are in your discipleship journey, there is a room to go further and deeper in to God loved word. This is why we offer classes like Starting point. A great place to begin if you are jumping back in or just getting started in your faith. 

Every one who calls OCC their home has also received a gift membership to Right Now Media. With thousands of video resources and bible studies, this is a perfect next step for beginners or life long followers of Jesus. 

If you haven't signed up for your gift membership, we encourage you to do so and start using this resource for personal study, and in your community groups

Below you will find a few recommended resources to get you started. We encourage you to find someone to go through these studies with. Let us know if we can help you in any way! 



Kids & Youth: